About The BDG Organisation

This Website was originally created and maintained for many years on behalf of the British Dendrobatid Group who funded it. For various reasons it was placed on the back burner for a year or so. However, it is now being maintained in good faith solely by its creator.  As such, some changes have been inevitable.

I have noticed, with not a little surprise, that some (or indeed most) of the British Dendrobatid Group material I prepared over many years has been used on at least one or two other websites.  I do not necessarily object to this so long as there are no finances involved, but I would ask that from November 2006 any requests to use non-British Dendrobatid Group texts and pictures be directed solely to myself.

For a while you will probably see the Website change little in its general format.  Eventually though it is hoped that much more information will be added concerning all aspects of living things, both plant and animal, with a bias toward their conservation and captive husbandry. It will no longer be devoted entirely to frogs, hence the name The Bio-Diversity Group.

Originally, this Website was aimed largely at those people connected by only one common subject: the conservation and captive breeding of a small group of South American frogs belonging to the Dendrobates, Phyllobates, Colostethus and related genera.  Indeed, you will still find a wealth of data on this Website dealing with these species.  However it is now hoped that a whole range of other living things – plant and animal, vertebrate and invertebrate – will eventually be included.

You are invited to provide articles (preferably illustrated) for inclusion on this Website which deal with any aspect of any living thing, including their habitats.  Please let me have any material you would like to see published in these pages.

As has already been stated, the information on this Website is presented in good faith.  However, if you are the author of any of the material shown presently on this Website and would like to have it removed, then please contact me and this will be done forthwith.